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Telling the one in front of you about the One inside of you

February 11, 2017


My desire to go to Pakistan began in 2013, one evening I was in a restaurant in London when I looked up to see a TV with a banner across the screen saying “Breaking News”. A church had been bombed in a terrorist attack in Pakistan and many Christians had been murdered, my heart was moved by the persecution of the Saints. I heard God speak to me saying “You’re going to go to Pakistan”. Immediately, I said “yes” and from that moment I have always had a desire to preach in Pakistan. I have always leant on God for His timing and towards the end of 2016 I felt God impress on my heart that the timing had come to go.

I was very blessed and honoured to be received in Pakistan. I felt very humbled to be used so greatly by God during this time of Revival in the Middle East. Yet, whilst I was eating one of my final meals in Lahore I felt the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit say;



"Thousands of souls are being saved, and you will see millions saved, but do not ever forget the one soul that’s in front of you"


If I’m really honest,