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Telling the one in front of you about the One inside of you

February 11, 2017


My desire to go to Pakistan began in 2013, one evening I was in a restaurant in London when I looked up to see a TV with a banner across the screen saying “Breaking News”. A church had been bombed in a terrorist attack in Pakistan and many Christians had been murdered, my heart was moved by the persecution of the Saints. I heard God speak to me saying “You’re going to go to Pakistan”. Immediately, I said “yes” and from that moment I have always had a desire to preach in Pakistan. I have always leant on God for His timing and towards the end of 2016 I felt God impress on my heart that the timing had come to go.

I was very blessed and honoured to be received in Pakistan. I felt very humbled to be used so greatly by God during this time of Revival in the Middle East. Yet, whilst I was eating one of my final meals in Lahore I felt the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit say;



"Thousands of souls are being saved, and you will see millions saved, but do not ever forget the one soul that’s in front of you"


If I’m really honest, at this point it was really late, I was hungry and tired, I had just preached to thousands of people and to be frank, I couldn’t wait to get to bed. Yet, this word really prompted me to not forget the one who was in front of me. So Tony (my friend who I was ministering with) and I then began praying for our waiter and blessing those in the restaurant.

The fact that we were in the ‘Islamic’ country of Pakistan did not bother us; the light shines brightest in the darkness and God was on the move.

God was making it very clear to me, that he is passionate about souls being saved, and we will see many saved, but many times we are waiting for a ‘revival’, the next Christian conference, or ordination. Whilst there is a waitress, a receptionist etc. right there in front of our face; who is on the way to hell and it is Gods heart to have them in His family.

“The Father wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4)

In the last couple of years, I have seen so many people desiring a pulpit, hungry for a platform and ambitious for ministry. Sadly I have seen Christian’s acting like people of the world as if they were trying to please their boss for a promotion. In this case, trying so hard to impress and befriend Pastors, Leaders, or well-known Preachers. The point I am trying to make is that, rather than being ambitious about ministry, let’s remain ambitious about Soul winning. We can all make a difference in this world, one soul at a time.


“rather than being ambitious about ministry, let’s remain ambitious about Soul winning”


God wants you to be able to share the gospel with the one individual passing you by on the street. Not just people in Church. It is very easy to become comfortable in our Christian circles but be ineffective in reaching the lost. It is His will for everyone to be saved.

It’s not about being a professional Evangelist, or a Certified Minister, it is about being a mouthpiece for God, carrying His heart of reaching souls. To be ready in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2), on the pulpit and off the pulpit. Your everyday life is a platform, your workplace is your mission field. Your work colleague is just as important to God, than a crowd in a church service.  

We can be very eager about going on a mission trip to serve God and reach souls (which is great), I am not against mission trips, but we travel far and wide to reach people.Yet, there is a family member who is unreached, a neighbour who we’ve never spoken to or an unbeliever close to home who needs Christ more than ever! God wants to use us and impact the furthest parts of the world, without neglecting the harvest that’s close to home.


"God wants to use us and impact the furthest parts of the world, without negle