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Brave - The True Story of Tanya's journey from suicide to freedom

March 26, 2019

Growing up without a father and having a mother who struggled with depression formed a challenging childhood for me. From a young age I became the responsible adult and my heart yearned for my father's love. When I was ten-years old my mum met a man who I wanted to become my dad. He turned out to be a drunken abuser. At the age of thirteen I attempted to commit suicide, this left me on a life support machine in a coma for three days. I miraculously pulled through and survived my coma. Subsequently, was placed into Foster Care with Christian Pastors who shared Jesus with me. I since then have been healed of all my hurts, rejection and abandonment issues. Have since married, had a child and am now serving Jesus full-time in the ministry. My story now is a powerful testament to God's redemptive power.

Brave can minister to many people in wonderfully unique ways, it covers so many topics from; absent fathers, disengaged parenting, neglect, abuse, alcoholism, suicide and depression to foster care, faith and ministry. I am in awe of the amazing feedback, testimonies and stories I have been receiving. I spent many years penning Brave and finally released it in 2018. I felt it was the right timing, the grace was super strong (in the midst of full-time ministry, travelling and raising a toddler!). I went with the promptings and published Brave.

I then began receiving an abundance of emails and messages from random people all across the country who had either bought or been given a copy; all with beautiful experiences from reading the book.

I would really encourage you to purchase this book. It is a powerful evangelism tool. Whether it be for a family member a friend who is a non-believer, or someone who has fallen away from God. It is an easy read and can relate to many people in different stages of their life, young or old, a believer or a non-believer.


I have had testimonies of people who have struggled in their walk with God and felt 'helpless' saying,  "My aunt gave me your book as a gift and I was bought to tears. I feel like your story has given me hope to know 'It's going to be ok', thank you so much for writing this book".


A lady who owns a hotel had a young woman book a stay and was in obvious distress. The owner gave a copy to the customer "I gave a young lady your book, she read it and came back to me in tears, saying 'That is me', she related to your story in so many ways, she is now attending church and has been baptised!".


A woman bought this book for her neighbour as a method of creative evangelism, she made a gift hamper and added the book as part of its contents. The neighbour wrote this "That book is amazing and it is going to help me".


To date a quarter of a million of people have heard my story and it is impacting thousands across the world.  


Suicide is running rampant in this day and age. We are living in a hopeless