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Daniel and Tanya Chand have been called to preach the
Gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit. Walking Like Jesus is an Evangelistic Ministry.
Walking Like Jesus Ministries

Walking Like Jesus is a leading voice within Europe in the area of Evangelism. We have formed great relationships with a wide range of denominations and well-established churches in the UK. Our ministry works in conjunction with a number of Christian media outlets such as TBN UK, Revelation TV, and GOD TV. 


In the last seven years, the team has travelled and preached the Gospel in over fifteen countries, witnessing over 10,000 decisions for Jesus Christ through Gospel crusades, evangelistic events and through the media ministry.


REVIVE UK is a  branch of the ministry of which it's prime focus is Revival. This is an annual, dynamic revival event with a strong evangelistic edge. The heartbeat of our ministry is to see an end-time harvest of souls in our generation and a great awakening in the United Kingdom. REVIVE UK is the platform to see that happen.


Walking Like Jesus works in association with 

  • Christ for all Nations Evangelism Alliance (CfaN-EA). Daniel Chand is an official member of the Christ For All Nations Evangelism Alliance (CfaN-EA), which is a global family of Evangelists.

  • Revival Ministries International

  • Lifespring Global


Daniel Chand is the founder of Walking Like Jesus and is married to his wife Tanya. Together they have one daughter. As an Evangelist, Daniel travels the nations preaching and equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry.


Prior to accepting Jesus, Daniel was an amateur boxer, living a life of violence & negativity. Later resulting in him getting arrested and facing an 8-year imprisonment. Whilst Daniel was on bail, he was in a dark place, It was through his desperation that Daniel was told about Jesus. There the love of God broke into Daniels life and this led to his powerful conversion.

Not long after his salvation, Daniel would find people to pray for on the streets just as Jesus did and he began to see the sick healed and people surrendering their lives to Jesus in shopping centres, churches and even in hospitals.

Daniel went on to graduate from the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism. It was from this point 'Walking Like Jesus' was birthed and Daniel was catapulted into the ministry at the age of 21.


Daniel is a gifted communicator that regularly speaks in conferences and speaking engagements. He has spoken in over 15 countries and has also featured on Channel 4, TBN UK, Revelation TV, and GOD TV. 



Tanya is an inspirational speaker and author. Tanya’s heart is to see people know God as their Father and take on their identity as strong children of God.


She has an overwhelmingly powerful life story, which has been shared in her book  'Brave'.


When Tanya was 13 years old she took a life-threatening overdose. This left Tanya on a life support machine and in a coma for three days. Just before the Doctor's turned the life support off, Tanya made a response.

Tanya survived the overdose and was placed into the care system with Christian Foster Parents.


It was during her years in Foster Care she would turn to Jesus.


At 21 Tanya graduated from an Assemblies of God Bible School in London and shortly after would go on to meet Daniel.


She has had her testimony featured in New Lifes National Christian Newspaper, iBelieve Magazine, Premier

Christian Radio and TBN UK.