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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,


The Coronavirus. COVID-19. The world is feeling its growing pressures and the non-stop talk of this issue is causing a global atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

You may be currently facing certain physical, financial and emotional challenges; leaving work, children off school, limited resources and not having the freedom to see your loved ones. Adversely, you may be experiencing difficulties spiritually - a dampened faith, a paralysing fear - in the midst of all the media coverage on national and global news.

If you fall into any of these categories, we have a special message below designed to build your faith and equip you with God's Word. This message will not only help you overcome these challenges but will allow you to live victoriously as Christ desires in this critical hour.

Now is the time. God is already doing mighty things and I encourage you to share the Gospel and pray for the sick, more than ever before. The world is looking for an answer and you are carrying it...Go for it!

Please note that our itinerary will be subject to change due to COVID-19. Therefore, please follow our social media channels or do get in touch with us at for further updates.