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Brave by Tanya Chand Book Cover
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Brave is the powerful life story of Tanya Chand.

It was at the tender age of thirteen that Tanya would attempt to take her own life. Her dad left before she was born and her mum was heavily depressed. Feeling unloved and unwanted Tanya felt she had nothing to live for.

Brave is filled with such rawness and hope for those who may feel as though they are going through life alone and misunderstood.

See what others have to say:

"My aunt bought your book for me and I just read the final chapter. I am in tears. Your testimony has encouraged me to keep on going. At the end of the book I felt as though God was saying "see you make it in the end"

                                                                                    Grace, Birmingham

"I had a young lady come to my hotel. She seemed in need of help. I gave her your book. She came to me crying saying 'This is me'. She really related to your story, is now attending church and got baptised!"

                                                                                Edie, Stoke-On-Trent

"I wanted to do something creative with evangelising. I bought your book and added it to a hamper I made for my neighbour"

                                                                             Abigail, Cambridgeshire

Brave by Tanya Chand
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